We have the opportunity to offer psychedelic retreats in a professional, safe and legal context. If you are interested in participating in one of our retreats you could fill out this form: Questionnaire

Next Retreats

Introduction into Psychedelics 23 – 26th July

Next retreat June 17 – 21th

What substances are used?

The psychedelics used in the retreats are the San Pedro cactus which contains Mescaline, and Ayahuasca which contains DMT, or magic mushrooms which contain psilocybin. Retreats are held monthly in Alicante, Spain, where the consumption of these substances is not penalized.

Who can come to a retreat?

The retreats take place in groups of 6 people. Some participants have little to no prior experience with psychedelics, while others may be relatively experienced but are drawn to the group setting and / or the idea of ​​intentionally taking psychedelics at a potentially higher dose than before. Experienced facilitators are available at all times, with no less than 1 facilitator for every 3 participants.

The retreats are aimed at people in good mental and physical health who wish to explore the nature of reality and the mind. They are not intended as a substitute to medical or psychotherapeutic care.

How much does the retreat cost?

  • 650 € Shared room

Additional costs:

€ 60 pick up and return to Alicante airport